Praise & Pray

"The sower sows the word.."Mark 4:14

We Praise God for His grace that we are able to minister in the remote villages and deliver the word of God. We invite you to Praise God and Glorify His name along with us for His Marvelous Doing.

Praise & Pray  for

  • Revival meetings & Counseling
  • Answered prayers  
  • Prayers to be answered
  • People saved in our meetings 
  • Several who have made faith in Christ.
  • People who have made various decisions to live for the Lord Jesus Christ. 
  • For their continuous walk with Jesus

Lord be glorified in all that is said and done.  Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Pray that the Lord will continue to open the doors of ministry.



However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me--the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace.” Acts 20: 24.

      David Victor gave his life to the Lord at a very young age, and heard the call to minister before he was even a teenager. As a teen preacher, he preached regularly in churches even in the age of 16. He continued his personal relationship with the Lord through spending time in prayer, praise and worship, and the reading His Word on a consistent basis. Ever since the day he gave his life to Christ, and the thirst to minister for God, he started to do whatever he could to propagate the love of Christ.


He would exact all his duties in office and then conduct prayer in his home as well as travel in evangelism. One night on 30th October 1992, as he got down on his knees and started praying persistently, a divine presence filled his room. A bright light appeared and as God opened his spiritual eyes, he saw our Loving Lord Jesus Christ  standing in front of him with bleeding head and nailed palm hands.  As he was seeing Him, all his transgression passed by like a movie before. He cried out for his forgiveness. Then a divine Presence descended on him. Jesus filled him with the anointing and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He spoke to him, revealed through His glorious vision everyday.


The Lord saw the faithfulness and decided to trust into his hands this mighty ministry “Harvest Time”. He uses him mightily with the Gift of tongues, Prophecy & miracles. Whenever he proclaims the word of God, people experience healing and deliverance; Guided by the Holy Spirit, he gives people word of comfort and counsel. According to his mission ‘Ready to Go, Preach & Pray, Anywhere Any time’, God uses him in  many different countries & denominations, among villagers & among students, Television, SMS & through Website.  

He was married to Vijaya who was as close as him towards Jesus and her support was the greatest strength for him to move forward to minister. She at home started her children’s ministry for the hill tribes. God blessed them with two children Vivin and Vivitha. God uses them in his ministry that would reach out around the world, with His leading and grace. God united his son Vivin with Deepa and brought one more prayer warrior into the family. His wife Mrs. Vijaya Victor passed away in the year 2009 but the Lord stood by their side and gave them strength, so that through them the message might be fully proclaimed.



Passed in the university examination

Praise be to the holy name

Dear David uncle as i made a prayer request to you and to your prayer team on 01/07/2015 to get pass marks in my university examination.As the results have been published on 04/07/2015 i have obtained good percentage and i have passed with distinction in the semester.Thank you uncle for your prayers and all glory to be our Lord Jesus Christ.-NITHIN THOMAS.T

Heart Problem Healed Last month, my doctor said that I have heart malfunctioning and I need to be checked up at coimbatore Hospital. Before leaving for the hospital, I called to you and you prayed for me that God has already healed me. I too prayed before I left. After complete examination, doctors told me that I have no disease in my heart – Gnana Selvam

Dilemma Cleared I came to India for a vacation last year. Due to some problems I left my job I London while coming to India. I was in a dilemma whether to go back to London or stay in India. Even my mother asked me to stay back. But my desire was to go back again. The next morning Pastor sent a message saying that God has given him this verse for me. “Don’t worry about yesterday, don’t worry about today or don’t worry about tomorrow because I am (Jesus) there before you. I will make all croaked paths straight and I will show you the secret in darkness” I was stunned by theses verses. My dilemma was cleared and I stared to London again. Praise be to Jesus  - Karthik Samuel

Crippled Hand straightened My son was born with crippled hands and was unable to move his hands. I called you and you prayed for him In the Name of Jesus. Now his hands are moving properly and have become straight. Thank you very much for your prayer and all Glory be to Lord Jesus Christ.  -Sheeba

Victory in Judgment I am working in a private concern.The management filed a wrong case upon me, saying that, I,along with my 3 colleagues, fired the office.The police arrested us and we were in the prison for 1 month. We came out on bail but the case was on trial.I am a non Christian and I don’t know anything about Jesus Christ.Some of my friends introduced me to Pastor David Victor. He prayed for us.I started believing Jesus Christ. After 4 years, the judgment day came, and Pastor prayed for us, and gave us the biblical promise. During the judgment, the judge declared in his statement that we were innocent.Praise be to God.This is really the work of Jesus.- Udayakumar

Paralysis Healed My husband is a driver. He suddenly fell sick and was unable to move his one leg and hand. Doctor’s said he is paralyzed and has problem in his brain and kidney. I called you and asked you to pray for him. You prayed for him in Jesus name. God heard your prayer and healed him. Even the doctors were shocked. Now he is able to continue his Job. Praise be to Jesus alone and thanks for your prayers. -Srividya Ganesan

Lost & Found I had lost my gold chain, my Mangal Sutra. I searched everywhere but could not find it. I called you, you prayed over the phone. Within no time I found it. Thank you Lord. Just by praying over the phone my problems were solved. Thank You Jesus & Thank you Uncle. Anuja

Child after 3 Years After our marriage we did not have a child for three years.After you prayed for us, God blessed us with a beautiful baby girl . Thanks for your prayer team. Devanbu & Sophia

Child after 5Years Even after 5 years of marriage, I did not have a child. Doctors diagnosed me with Hormonal Imbalance, Polycystic Ovaries. I requested you to pray for me. I conceived and God helped me deliver a cute baby girl by normal delivery... Dr. D. Jeeva Priya Franklen M.B.B.S.,

Tumor Healed For the past two years I was suffering from chronic stomach pain. Doctors said that there was a tumor and it should be operated. We called you for prayer.  You prayed that the tumor should disappear. We went to the doctor again. They said that there is no sign of any tumor in the stomach: It has disappeared. We praise God for this miracle and Thank you for your prayers. -Malathi

Deliverance from evil sprit  One day as I came home after work, I felt some one wandering inside my house other than my family members. As i was sleeping someone pulled my bead spread, Fear caught me because then I felt somebody standing near me. Out of fear I ran out of my house.This happened every day. This evil spirit tormented every day where ever I went. My parents took me to magicians for deliverance but they beat me and did lot of tricks which gave me pain but not deliverance.One day my parents and neighbors took me to Bro.David Victor and he prayed for me.Jesus delivered me. From that day onwards I have a peaceful sleep.I praise God.-Marimuthu